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If you suspect mistreatment is occurring or imminent, please contact law enforcement in the jurisdiction where the person/client being mistreated resides.  You do not need “proof” of mistreatment to report!

What happens once abuse is reported to law enforcement?
  • The Colorado law enforcement agency notifies the Department of Human Services Adult Protection Services (APS) and District Attorney’s Office within 24 hours of receiving a report of mistreatment.
  • Law enforcement completes a criminal investigation when appropriate provides a summary of their investigation to APS and the District Attorney in the county where the person/client resides.
  • APS may investigate the report and offer the person/client protective services.
  • The District Attorney will review the report for possible criminal charges.
General time line of events following a report:
  • APS assesses the report and determines whether the situation establishes abuse.
  • If warranted, a caseworker is assigned and an investigation begins. As the investigation continues, APS helps the elder obtain the services, support and protection he or she needs.
    • Note: The elder can refuse all interventions offered by APS. Only when they have been declared incompetent by the court can APS proceed without the victim’s approval.
Colorado Adult Protective Services
Adult Protective Services offers protective services to prevent, reduce, or eliminate the current or potential risk of mistreatment, exploitation, or self-neglect to the at-risk adult population using community based services and resources when appropriate and other support systems. The County Department receives reports of mistreatment, exploitation and/or self-neglect of at-risk adults and determines an investigation or assessment. If the County Department determines that the report involves an at-risk adult and mistreatment, exploitation, or self-neglect then further investigation will be initiated.

To find the phone number of Colorado APS County Offices go to, select APS Contact List. This website provides information about mandatory reporting of physical abuse, sexual abuse, caretaker neglect and exploitation of at-risk elders as well as reporting mistreatment of At-Risk Adults with an Intellectual and Developmental Disability (IDD). There are links to the Mandatory Reporting Law, Training and Information for Financial Institution Employees.  Also find out more about Adult Protective Services, Tools & Resources for Law Enforcement and Tools and Resources for APS.

If you are mandatory reporter and need to make a report of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of an at-risk elder or at-risk adult with intellectual and disability, please notify law enforcement. Do not report of abuse, neglect, or exploitation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  doing so could result in a delayed response and does not meet your obligation under the law. If you are not a mandatory reporter and need to make a report of abuse, neglect, or exploitation of an at-risk adult, please contact the County Department in the county where the at-risk adult resides. (APS Intake Contacts) Do not report abuse, neglect, or exploitation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Colorado Elder Abuse Mandatory Reporting Power Point Training
Colorado’s Adult Protective Serves has developed a highly informative training Power Point, “Mandatory Report* How to Identify and Report Abuse, Neglect and Exploitation of At-Risk Elders. Topics include: Who Are At-Risk Elders and Mandatory Reporters? What Do I Need to Report? Who Abuses, Neglects and Exploits At-Risk Elders? Definition of Physical Abuse, Indicators and Example, Definition of Sexual Abuse and Physical Signs and Behaviors, Who is a Caretaker? Signs of Caretaker Neglect,   Characteristic of the Abuser, When Is It N0T Caretaker Neglect, Exploitation Definition and Examples, How to Report, Roles of APS and Law Enforcement, Who Are At-Risk Adults, Definition and Examples of Self-Neglect, What Happens After a Report is Made and APS Priorities.

New At-Risk Adult Colorado Mandatory Reporting Laws Address Abuse and Neglect of Intellectually and Developmentally Disabled
As of July 1, 2016 both Senate Bill 15-109 and HB16-1394 became law. For more information on SB 15-109 Concerning Mandatory Reporting of Mistreatment Against an Adult with a Disability please visit and search for Colorado State Law SB 15-109.  For information on HB 16-1394 go to, type in HB 16-1394 in Search.
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