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Definitions Provided by the Colorado Department of Human Services Adult Protection Services (APS).

Financial Exploitation means taking money from elders or at-risk adults or other assets against their will or without their knowledge. In other words, stealing from the elder or at-risk adult. It also means deceiving, harassing, intimidating, or using undue influence to get the adult to do something against their will. An exploiter can be an individual, institution, broker-advisor, investment broker, an institution or someone who has power of attorney for the elder or at-risk adult. If financial exploitation is suspected, contact Adult Protective Services in the county where the suspected abuse is located.
  • Physical Abuse occurs when someone causes bodily injury to an at-risk adult, such as causing physical pain or bruising, or when unreasonable confinement or restraint is imposed on the at-risk adult.
  • Sexual Abuse is sexual conduct, activity, or touching without the adult’s consent or understanding.
  • Self-neglect is defined as an act or failure to act whereby an at-risk adult substantially endangers their health, safety, welfare, or life by not seeking or obtaining services necessary to meet their essential human needs. Choice of lifestyle, by itself, is not proof of self-neglect.
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