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Presented by Scott Storey, Chief Deputy Prosecutor
Fonda Barkofske, Adult Protective Specialist, Colorado Department of Human Services
Please join us for an overview and what happens when elder abuse is reported. Beginning in July 1, 2014, Colorado has adopted a new law requiring service providers to report abuse of adults age 70+. Abuse may be physical and sexual, exploitation to include financial, and caregiver neglect. Presenters will also discuss what to do if a crime is committed on an older adult under 70. Should it be reported?

Scott Storey's committment to older adults has always been clear. As First Judicial District Attorney, he created several new resources for seniors in Jefferson and Gilpin Counties. The Elder Abuse Unit, the only one of its kind in Colorado, works closely with law enforcement, Adult Protective Services, private organizations and professionals to locate and hold accountable those who victimize older adults. Scott also created Triad, a three-pronged partnership that includes the crimnal justice system, community groups, and volunteer seniors. Triad develops and implements crime prevention and education programs for older adults. Scott testified on behalf of S.B.13-111, the Elder Abuse Mandatory Reportng Act. He shares his expertise on the Act and the Law by presenting to groups, organizations and agencies.

Fonda Barkofske has been working with at-risk adults since 2007. In the recent past, she worked in the field of child welfare and adult protective services (APS) in both Broomfield and Adam’s County Department of Human Services, conducting adult abuse and neglect investigations. In Fonda’s work at the Colorado Department of Human Services, her focus has been on training and development for county staff that provide
protective services for at-risk adults. Her work includes updating and revising Adult Protection rules, developing training curriculum, facilitating trainings to increase and advance skills of APS caseworkers and supervisors and providing oversight and assistance for APS programs across the state. Fonda may be contacted at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Colorado was one of three states that did not require reporting of elder mistreatment. Effective July 1, 2014, the bill, S.B. 13-111 requires specific professionals and individuals to report to law enforcement instances of suspected abuse (physical and sexual), caregiver neglect, and exploitation of at-risk elder age 70 and older.

It also addresses the need to improve accountability and funding for investigations and protective services so that the right services will be available at the right time to help ensure at-risk elders’ safety and well-being.

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