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Ombudsman Enhance the Lives of Long-Term Care Residents

Ombudsman is a Swedish word meaning “representative of the people.” An ombudsman advocates for individuals residing in nursing homes and assisted living facilities (formerly personnel care boarding homes.  A trained and designated ombudsman is assigned to every long-term care facility in a specific region, providing a regular visiting presence enabling residents to have in-person contact. In order to resolve complaints and concerns of residents within long-term care settings and their families, an ombudsman investigates and attempts to resolve problems fairly. They address issues such as financial exploitation, improper use of chemical and/or physical constraints, improper transfer or resident eviction. Other issues include poor quality of care such as slow response to request for assistance, inadequate personal hygiene, violation of resident’s dignity and rights, and physical and/or metal abuse.  Ombudsman educate older adults, their families and providers about resident rights and abuse prevention. They assist older adults and their families in choosing an appropriate long-term care facility.

Financial Fraud Abuse: Double-Check Before You Dial

According to AARP ElderWatch scammers have been purchasing series of phone numbers that closely resemble the phone numbers of legitimate businesses. They use these phone numbers to fool people into thinking they have reached the organization they were intending to, when in fact they’ve reached a scammer. They have found a way to take advantage of people who inadvertently misdial the number. Here are some red flags that the phone number dialed may be a scam:
You are greeted by an automated recording that congradulates you on being selected for a survey or tell you you’ve qualified to win a prize or product.
The automated greeting is general and does not reference the name of the organization you were intending to reach.
The greeting eventually offers to connect you with a live representative.
The live representative claims that he or she will transfer you to the organization you were originally trying to reach, but first wants your credit card number to pay a fee to claim your prize.
If you encounter any of these flags, AARP ElderWatch instructs you to hang up the phone, check the number you intended to dial and try dialing again.  Always double check the area code and full number before you dial. One slip could be costly. Never provide your financial information to someone who claims you’ve qualified for a “free” product, service or prize. Alert your financial institution immediately if you accidently give out your payment information.


Colorado Coalition for Elder Rights and Abuse Prevention (CCERAP).
CCERAP is not a reporting site for the Mandatory Reporting Law CRS 18-6.5-108.
If abuse is suspected, please contact law enforcement where the person resides.  CCERAP promotes statewide understanding of older adult and at-risk adult abuse and the rights and protections available to older and adults and at-risk adults.

AARP Foundation’s ElderWatch
ElderWatch specializes in helping older adults manage their money and recognize, refuse and report financial scams. The Program operates in cooperation with the state attorney general’s office and protects older adults from financial fraud and other forms of consumer abuse. If you are concerned or need help dealing with a scam, call an ElderWatch trained volunteer specialist at 1-800-222-4444 or go to

ElderWatch collaborates with CCERAP and numerous other organizations to provide information on the latest consumer frauds/scams. To find a list of frauds, provided by AARP ElderWatch, and CCERAP’s fraud resources go our Fraud Alerts page.

Colorado Area Agency on Aging Ombudsman Programs
To find a complete listing of ombudsman programs for each region in Colorado, including their web site addresses use your search engine and type in Long-Term Care Ombudsman & Area Agencies on Aging in Colorado. To locate an ombudsman in other states, visit the National Long-Term Care Ombudsman Resource Center.

Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office, Elder Abuse Unit, First Judicial District Attorney’s Office, Golden, Co., Jefferson and Gilpin Counties.

Communities Against Senior Exploitation (CASE)
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
CASE is a proactive program to prevent victimization by providing critical information necessary to keep seniors from becoming victims of fraud and abuse. CASE publishes month Fraud Alerts, warning of the latest scams surfacing locally, statewide and nationally.

Denver District Attorney’s Office, Economic Crimes Unit
The ECU primarily prosecutes financial crimes such as theft, forgery, fraud and credit card fraud. Criminal matters are investigated by a team of skilled investigators who prepare cases for prosecution by deputies of the ECU. They aggressively pursue criminals suspected of financial crimes and have an excellent record for seeking restitution when possible. To contact and find out more, use your search engine and type in Denver District Attorney’s Office, Economic Crimes Unit.

Colorado Attorney General’s Office
The Consumer Protection Section protects consumers and legitimate businesses against fraud. Their site has information on ID Theft, Telemarketing Fraud, and Medicaid Fraud.
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