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Sexuality and Aging Studies

Older adults are more unique than ever before. Their population is increasing and living longer. In addition, given the higher rate of non-marital co-habitation and divorce rates it is imperative for professionals in the aging field to become more aware and sensitive to the needs and concerns of elders. Research is telling us that older adults are sexual beings and sexual thoughts and longings for intimacy can continue as we age.
Previously, the roll of attitudes on sexual well-being has almost exclusively been studies of adolescent and pre-marital young adults. Because of a growing desire to address older adults’ needs, the number of studies about sexual attitudes in this age group is increasing. The importance of sex throughout the life cycle has become clearer. Based on research, the myth that sex has to suffer as people age has been debunked. Older adults may become less interested in sexual activity, frequency may decline. However, studies are confirming that there is no clear age-related ending to sexual interaction.
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